Production of RX-9, Real or Ruse?

RX-9 is rumored to make production for 2022. However, it is also rumored to be powered by Mazda's new sky-active engine instead of the high-revving, light weight Wankel rotary engine. At this point, can we really call this a RX-9?

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Mazda's Sport Car

Latest MX-5 Miata was a success in my opinion. But I think you would agree that we all long for the return of the true RX-7. Mazda gave us RX-8 and despite many harsh review, I actually enjoyed that car. Yes, it could use more power, it drink gas like a caffeine addict, and the famous apex seal. Not to mention having to put in a quart of motor oil every other fill up. It was still a fun proper sports car with 50/50 weight ratio. But it never measured up to it's big brother. RX-8 was supposed to be better in every way. For me 3rd gen FD RX-7 has always been the face of Mazda. Rumor of RX-9 with more power and better technology excites me. But if the rumors were true about it not having rotary engine, I'm not sure it will still have the same essence.

“3rd gen FD RX-7 has always been the face of Mazda.”

Final thoughts

Toyota has the supra, Honda with NSX, and Nissan with its GTR, Mazda should definitely bring back their halo sports car. It is expected not everyone will like the new RX car but in my book, there will always be room for another sports car. Look at the RX-7! It's a timeless beauty. I'm in love all over again.

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