If you are like us, we like like to wash our cars at least once a month. Especially when it is your daily driver. Not every car wash are the same and here a few simple tips to help minimize scratches and swirls.

5 Simple Tips

Here are a few tips on washing your car to avoid swirl and scratches.

  • Tip 1 Look and walk around the vehicle to see which areas are the dirtiest. You will wash those areas last to avoid contaminating to the rest of the car.

  • Tip 2 Spray down first to rid of all grimes and debris on the vehicle.

  • Tip 3 Use two buckets. One for soap another to rinse the sponge or cloth used to wipe down your vehicle. Rinsing your sponge/cloth each time after you wipes your vehicle and before dipping in soap bucket is important as dust particles can be attached to them and can cause swirls on your paint.

  • Tip 4 Wash from top down because bottom of your vehicle is the dirtiest.

  • Tip 5 Never trust the automatic car wash. Always hand wash your car. Many of our clients have their vehicles paint damaged from drive through car washes.

Don't forget to coat your vehicle to finish

Either if you are using wax or our Nano Ceramic product, make sure to protect your paint with extra coat so they last longer. Remember, no product is fix it all and can protect your car from everything. Store your vehicle properly, avoid letting dirt and bird sh!t linger on your vehicle for a long time.

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