5 Budget Sport Cars Under $10K (cars that you may have overlooked)

You want a sport car but on a budget? Here are 5 cars that we think you should (maybe) consider. On this list, we would avoid FWD cars, hatch back, classic cars, and cars that are abundant on the streets. Although Mustangs, Cameros, and Challengers might be obvious choices for US market, there are just all too common on the street (at least in the US). Not to say that you would not encounter these sports cars on this list around your street corner, but are far less of them and will set you apart from the crowd. We will also avoid sports cars with sedan range eg: BMW 3-5 series, Audi 4-7 series and so on.

'07 Audi TT Quattro Although base Audi TT are FWD, Quattro version give you the better handling sport car with the design that ages well. Even the Mark 1 Audi TT, if properly cared for, still look fresh. Although, the more expensive S-line and RS version have more power, this 2.0 TDI engine will still put out 222hp. Enough for a fun drive on the twisty roads. We prefer that coupe version over the soft top convertible one but both are fun to drive.

'03 BMW Z4 Another vehicle with design that ages well. Minimalist interior with the still modern exterior design make this car a good option IMO if you are in the market for a sport car. You will need to take care of the soft top with routing maintenance care. With enough power, this car you can enjoy top up or down cruising in that perfect weather.

'11 Cadillac CTS-Coupe This isn't your normal grandpa's car. Aesthetically pleasing to look at, this machine is packed with 318 hp & AWD platform. With the luxury comfort and performance, it is hard not to put this one on the list.

'00 Chevy Corvette Hard not to include Corvette. For the power you get for money you paid, hardly any sport car come close. Yes, we love the raw sound of that V-8 engine when proper exhaust is placed. Yes they are a bit heavy, but there are 345 hp and mountains of tuning for this car will keep you busy.

'05 Porsche- Boxster S No Sport car list should be complete without a Porsche. Do not underestimate this Porsche entry level sport car. Porsche's handling, well engineered engine pushing out , and with that classy look, there is no better car brand that create well rounded sport cars as this.

Honorable mentions:

These car did not make it to our list only because it is all too common on the streets. Never-the-less, these sports car deserves the honorable mentions.


RWD sport car that is made purely for car enthusiast and dragsters. Although under-powered in our opinion, there are many many parts available to customize to your taste.

Mazda MX-5 (miata)

Fun, lightweight, RWD, and convertible; this car has been the go-to car for many who are looking for affordable sport car. It is a very fun car that you really don't mind pushing to its' limit, if you are under 6 ft tall.

As of this date, all cars listed above can be had for $10K USD or less. I'll be honest. Most of these cars may not be a sensible practical cars but who cares about sensibility when you are driving one of these on the twisty road in a perfect sunny day? Let us know what you think of this list. What do you think we should've added on to this list? Comment below..

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