Q. What Is nano-ceramic coating?    

Also known as glass, quartz or diamond coating is SiO2 based system that is used on vehicles, aircraft, glass windows, marine vessels and etc.  

Q. What does it do?
This DIY ceramic coating system allows extra paint protection from the fluctuation of weather and oxidation damage from UV rays.  Its' super-hydrophobic ability makes for ease of cleaning your vehicle and boost longer lasting shine.  Think of it as a second layer of skin to your vehicle's clear coat.   

Q.  Is it permanent?

 This product is semi-permanent.  Meaning it will eventually wear off depending on how often you use your vehicle.  

Q. How long does it last? 

Depending on how many layers were applied, how many car washes and exposure of your car to the harsh environment, the nano-ceramic coating can last up to 2-3 years (10X) longer than wax.  For best result however, it is recommended that coating should be applied every 12 months. 

Q. How many 30mL bottles do I need for one car? 

Typically, a 30mL bottle will be enough for one full-sized sedan or mid-size truck.  Our kit includes 2 bottles to accommodate for bigger vehicles or multiple coating.  

Q.  How should I prep for ceramic coating? 

Your vehicle should be washed, paint corrected, dried and be free of debris.  Carefully read instructions prior to applying your vehicle with our coating.